The Work of Michael Regan

“Embodying one’s essential nature

is the work of a lifetime.”   



As a speaker, catalyst and guide, Michael generates a space for people to explore the awakening of one’s deepest Heart and to embody emerging potentials for freedom, empowerment and love in one’s life and work - a subtle, continual process that transforms the body and unleashes one’s hidden gifts.

Michael’s creative work is improvisational by nature, yet recurring themes include taking total responsibility for how one experiences the world, dismantling mental models of reality - including spiritual/progressive conditioning, and grounding one’s life in the intimacy and authority of a divine “I”.

Warm wishes to all.

Upcoming Events*

December 6, 2014

1-day Gathering

Boulder, CO

December 29, 2014

1-day Gathering

Santa Fe, NM

Dec 28-Jan 4, 2015

7-day New Year’s Gathering

Santa Fe, NM

Jan 31-Feb 2, 2015

3-day Weekend Gathering

SF Bay Area

* When available, details can be found on the “Schedule/Bio” page.